Elrond Definition and Statistics

Elrond was founded at the end of 2017 by a group of people who were driven by a desire to tackle space’s most critical issues: scalability, efficiency, and interoperability.

Elrond intended the value transfer protocol according to their concept. One that can scale is quick and efficient in comparison. As time went on, we saw that the digital economy was made up of two major components: programmable money and unstoppable apps. Because, unlike earlier blockchain iterations, Elrond does not have to choose between performance and security and decentralization, it can accomplish both.

As they grew, so did their vision. Finally, it solidified into a platform that allows anybody, from anywhere, to participate in the digital economy.

They recognize that the only way to realize this ambition is to significantly reduce present friction. Poor relative performance in speed and throughput, uncompetitive pricing, and a bad user experience all add to the friction.