Bigscreen Beyond Review: A Compact and Ultra-Light VR Headset with Stunning Visuals and Customized Comfort

Bigscreen Beyond review prototype
Bigscreen Beyond prototype

In this Bigscreen Beyond review, we’re taking a deep dive into the latest addition to the world of Virtual Reality headsets, which offers unparalleled comfort combined with groundbreaking visuals in a compact and ultra-light form factor. This revolutionary headset, known as Bigscreen Beyond, has transformed the VR experience by focusing on an ultra-light and compact design that allows for hours of comfortable VR sessions. Don’t miss out on discovering how this game-changing product has redefined the standards for Virtual Reality experiences.

Stunning Visuals: OLED Displays and Pancake Optics

Bigscreen Beyond offers ultra-high resolution OLED microdisplays, combined with advanced pancake optics, that provide users with jaw-dropping visuals that are 2-3X greater in visual fidelity than other VR headsets. The headset delivers stunning colors, deep black levels, razor-sharp clarity, and exquisite detail like never before.

Custom-Built for Ultimate Comfort: 3D Face Scanning

The headset comes in 15 sizes, catering to everyone’s unique face shape and interpupillary distance (IPD) through a quick, 5-minute 3D face scan. After scanning, a custom cushion is manufactured just for you, ensuring enhanced immersion, comfort, and reduced eye strain during your VR adventures.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Experience

Bigscreen Beyond offers a variety of optional accessories, including a high-end audio strap with built-in audio and powerful bass, prescription lens inserts for those who need corrective vision assistance, and USB-C accessory ports that support seamless integration with third-party devices, such as audio sources or other peripherals.

Built for Connectivity: Full SteamVR Support

Bigscreen Beyond is fully compatible with SteamVR base stations, controllers, and accessories, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite VR titles on Steam. The headset delivers optimal VR performance, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience.

Technical Specifications: Know What You’re Getting

Face cushionCustom-built through 3D face scan
Weight127 grams
Display resolution5120 x 2560 pixels per eye
Field of view93° HFOV x 90° VFOV
OpticsCustom pancake optics
Proximity sensorYes
Technical Specifications of Bigscreen Beyond

Bigscreen Beyond’s technical specifications are as impressive as its sleek design. The VR headset weighs just 127 grams and offers a display resolution of 5120 x 2560 pixels per eye, an impressive 93° HFOV x 90° VFOV field of view, and custom pancake optics. The headset supports SteamVR technology, a proximity sensor, USB-C accessory ports, and stereo microphones, all connected through a high-end optical fiber USB-C cable. To power your Bigscreen Beyond, you’ll need a quad-core Intel or AMD CPU and a GPU like the Nvidia RTX 2070 or AMD RX5700 XT or newer.

Look at how small this VR headset is.

@DShankar and his team are true wizards!

— Nathie, VR Content Creator on YouTube | 700k+ Subs

Pre-order Your Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset Now

Pre-order your Bigscreen Beyond VR headset now for $999 USD, with deliveries starting in Q3 2023. Each package comes with the headset, custom face cushion, soft strap, fiber optic cable, and link box. Keep in mind preorders are fully refundable reservations, and an Apple iPhone XR or newer is required for the 3D face scan. Don’t have an iPhone? You can still complete the 3D face scan by borrowing a friend’s iPhone or using one at an Apple store.

Bigscreen Beyond Review Conclusion

Bigscreen Beyond is poised to revolutionize the way we experience VR, offering unprecedented comfort and aesthetics, advanced technology, and unparalleled visual quality. It delivers the next level of engagement and immersion while playing your favorite games or exploring the digital world. Pre-order your Bigscreen Beyond VR headset today and experience VR like never before.

    The Good

    • Unmatched Visual Quality: Bigscreen Beyond offers state-of-the-art OLED displays and advanced pancake optics, providing exceptionally vivid colors, sharp clarity, and stunning detail.
    • Customized Comfort: The 3D face scanning technology ensures a perfect fit for each user, accommodating various face shapes and interpupillary distances (IPD) for a truly personalized and comfortable VR experience.
    • Ultra-Light Design: Weighing in at 6X lighter than traditional VR headsets, Bigscreen Beyond allows for longer, more enjoyable VR sessions without discomfort or fatigue.
    • Full SteamVR Compatibility: Gamers can look forward to seamless integration with the SteamVR ecosystem, which includes support for base stations, controllers, and accessories.
    • Optional Accessories: Enhance your VR experience even further with options like the high-end audio strap, prescription lens inserts, and USB-C accessory port support, enabling the integration of additional peripherals.
    • Future-Proof: The cutting-edge technology packed into Bigscreen Beyond ensures this headset will continue to deliver an unbeatable VR experience for years to come.

    The Bad

    • Price: At $999 USD, the Bigscreen Beyond may be a significant investment for some potential buyers.
    • iPhone Requirement for Face Scan: Users must have access to an Apple iPhone XR or newer to utilize the 3D face scanning feature, which could be a limitation for some individuals.
    • Delivery Timeline: With deliveries beginning in Q3 2023, customers may have to wait a considerable amount of time before receiving their headset.
    • Additional Equipment Required: To fully enjoy the VR experience with Bigscreen Beyond, users will need to purchase compatible base stations, controllers, and possibly other accessories, adding to the overall cost.
    • Custom Manufacturing: The custom-built nature of the headset may result in longer wait times for order fulfillment due to the time required to manufacture each custom face cushion.
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